It’s dirty work finding land

I was ​interested to listen to an interview on Radio 4 You and Yours ​(Friday 28 Dec 2013) where the BBC’s ​Winifred Robinson discussed house building with Dr. Mark Clapson, a reader in History, University of Westminster who failed to identify that it is the Government via the NPPF that is driving the new house building pressure and focused on the building of new towns on a combination of brownfield and greenfield land as currently being investigated by the Labour Party, who are accusing the house builders of hoarding land. Continue reading

First shots fired in development salvo

An architect representing the owner of the land at North Wyke Farm, Normandy (Issues and Options Site 43, SHLAA Site 2007, H16-D, 3.4 Ha) brought along some initial outline illustrations of site development to wave in front of residents and the parish council at last night’s (Wednesday 27 November 2013) parish council meeting. Continue reading