Lottery winner in my village?

A ‘lottery’ winner in Normandy? Never. Wouldn’t believe it.

However, if you are lucky enough to own a piece of a green field around here nowadays, you might come up for a multi-million jackpot.

Thanks to the local council’s current draft Local Plan earmarking 72.4 hectares of perfectly good Grade 3A agricultural land between our two settlements that fulfills three of the most important aspects of the Green Belt  as ‘safeguarded land’, that is, safeguarded for development over the next 18 years for up to 2,700 new homes, local land owners, house builders and developers are meeting in a perfect storm of speculation and outline planning applications.

Presumably this is what the change in planning regulation heralded by the introduction of the NPPF was intended to create. Large-scale loss of productive agricultural land in a world faced with climate change to low-density urban sprawl is damaging to our food security but the increasingly authoritarian leaders of this government and our local council appear in thrall to their own economic and political dogma.


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