There are community boundaries, then there are community boundaries…

There’s a heated debate going on between some of our local residents about what constitutes the community boundary.  It’s been brought about by the local council’s need to develop a new Local Plan. The council would love to stuff as much new housing as it can into small villages all over the borough, either by relaxing planning rules within the village boundaries, or ear-marking large chunks of countryside and green fields and reserving them to receive thousands of new homes at some indeterminate point in the future, when other ear-marked development land is used up, or by appending chunks of the Green Belt to communities by extending their boundaries to include such land. Continue reading


0.4 Hectares goes a long way

Its funny how such a small piece of land attracts so much attention.  In ‘old money’ it’s a fraction under 1 acre, enough to grow a crop of root vegetables or for use as a grazing meadow in an agricultural small-holding but not for much else, you’d think.  There are a small number of pieces of green fields of this particular size in and around my community for sale on the open market, advertised by local agents, not agricultural land agents but estate agents.  Surely something is afoot. Continue reading