Everything reaches a crescendo

There was the usual last minute blizzard of residents exchanging emails, reminding each other to send letters, submit comments on the Local Plan Consultation and get to Guildford station in time for 1.30pm for the “March to Millmead”.

millmead_march_2_smallIn the end the turnout wasn’t too bad and the cheerleaders did their job with loud-hailer and leading the chants.  Many said it was their first ‘demo’ which is a good demonstration of the anger, frustration and betrayal felt by these staunch representatives of ‘middle England’.

The message from the chanting was clear, ‘Hands Off Our Green Belt’.

There may well be considerably fewer Tory councillors in Guildford Borough come the end of the next local elections.  As for rock-solid Tory seats in Surrey at the next General Election, who knows?


One thought on “Everything reaches a crescendo

  1. It was my second demo!! I was cheered by the turnout from Normandy because of the worry that the strongest voices would be heard in the East of the Borough who we believe have more clout than us. Fairlands had a huge banner as did the ‘Save the Hogs Back’ group
    In the event, despite the fact that our councillors knew we were coming, we were told they were ‘too busy’ to attend and listen to our concerns.
    Correct me if I am wrong…. their job is to represent OUR views.. not their own. In order to do that you need to hear from all quarters

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