Everything reaches a crescendo

There was the usual last minute blizzard of residents exchanging emails, reminding each other to send letters, submit comments on the Local Plan Consultation and get to Guildford station in time for 1.30pm for the “March to Millmead”.

millmead_march_2_small Continue reading


Keep Normandy ‘washed over’ by the Green Belt

Normandy is a dispersed community made up of 5 hamlets joined together by ribbon development.  From a planning point of view we are regarded as made up of two settlements, Flexford and Normandy.  This has been deliberately misrepresented in the GBC evidence documents as a Large Village when it is no bigger than and has almost the same services as the combined settlements of East and West Clandon. Continue reading

Normandy Parish Public Meeting

I become very worried when I hear the designated council representative of GBC talking about a preference for ‘strategic sites’ (i.e. the unfortunate villages that are going to get it in the neck when it comes to massive housing development in the borough in the next 5 years) because its easier for the borough to put its hand out to central government for infrastructure spending. Continue reading